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22 July 2010 @ 01:35 am
Sometimes it felt like nature would do anything to prevent Joseph and Nicholas Lucas from 'keeping things real', and today's story is no exception to that. Some people just don't know when to quit with things, either, because every week they spent humbly at the Firehouse, the two JONAS heartthrobs made sure to set aside time to embark on a new 'adventure' together. Mother Nature could try and break them, but their biological mother was the driving force behind the fire in their hearts. All right, so there was no denying they cherished the quality time they shared with one another ( or at least, Joe really loved it ), but their mother positively gushed with pride whenever she saw her two middle boys attempt to live like normal teenagers. What eager son didn't want to please their mom? The Lucas family was about closeness, after all.

Though, I'm going to go right ahead and confess that their definition of adventure was ... quite obscure. Chores were the 'dangerous' kind of adventures. Like, taking out the trash or raking up some leaves off the ground - any man strong enough to make it out alive and fully clothed was awarded a medal and had his picture posted on the 'Wall of Fame' ( so far said wall is empty ). Then there were the slightly-less dangerous but still pretty scary adventures, like cloud watching in an open field ( sneak attacks often occurred whenever guards were let down ), or kite-flying, and let me tell you, running away from adoring girls with a kite on hand was harder than it looked. But this week, the two rock stars decided they would set off on a more recreational adventure, like bike riding. They decided that on a pair of wheels, they could out-ride even the track-star fangirls and still have loads of fun doing something ... normal. And this time was seriously normal, because if you think about it, what teenage boy REALLY takes out the garbage?

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20 July 2010 @ 12:59 am
While his stomach was rumbling and hollow due to his refusal of breakfast earlier that day, Nate's nerves were making him feel too queasy to pick at his dinner. Where eating alone was normally routine, it was in that instant that the poor boy felt like a complete outcast for the first time in his life. It wasn't as though he sat down without analyzing his surroundings, either. He saw that there was a girl a few tables down also flying solo, but ... he just wasn't interested enough to bring himself to make the first move. How was he supposed to relate to a girl? Besides, his seating selection was very calculated. A lot of the other boys in his bunk were at the opposite end of the long table he plunked his tray onto, and he was watching them hopefully out of the corner of his eye. They were too into their conversation to notice him, which was to be expected. It didn't take long for him to realize that a lot of the other kids weren't first time campers like he was, so they were just sticking to their established groups. Nate probably would have done the same if he knew what was going on. He was still hoping Jason would have called him over to sit with them since he was so wonderful about helping him get settled into the new environment, but Nate supposed he was just doing his job as a counselor and that didn't automatically mean they were friends ( and since he was so good at making people laugh, he decided he was doing really well, so there were no ill feelings ).

Nate licked his bottom lip as he stared down at his food and mentally counted the amount of meal-periods he had to bear until he got to go home again, but when he got to ninety, he abruptly stopped himself and let out a sigh. With his head slumped down and his index finger idly twirling the straw floating in his cup of Diet Coke, Nate tried to tune out the various conversations filling the room, though the sound of Jason's laughter was not only constant, but frustrating.
19 July 2010 @ 09:36 pm
"... and then they'll totally put our band on the Hollywood walk of fame." Shane was waving around a stolen french-fry as he spoke, but Nate's eyes were too stuck on his mouth to care, especially since he hadn't really been as hungry as he thought. He was full off their talk of dreams, too busy clinging to every word those lips formed with longing and admiration. Nate may have been a little advanced for his young age, but he wasn't above completely idolizing his friend's ideas and ambition with every ounce of his being. His own shyness and more realistic view of the world prevented his mind to come up with such beautiful dreams, and he often found himself borrowing Shane's and presenting them as his own. After all, if Shane's dream was the same as his, they could try to live them out together. Nate was unsure what the cause of his devotion was, but he would do anything to be included in Shane's life. "We'll make headlines, prime time, billboards -- and just let them try to break us! We're gonna make it, Nathan." The corners of Nate's mouth twitched into a shy, flushed smile. He nodded his head vigorously in agreement, curls bobbing as his fingers grabbed and popped a few fries into his mouth. "Hollywood, here we come, right, Shane?" The words sounded dorkier and a little more unsure out loud then they did in his head, which was disappointing, because the chewing and swallowing process was supposed to buy him time to think up something impressive. And man, did he blow it.

But to his greatest pleasure, Shane smiled at him. And Nate, being in such a high state of infatuation, felt his insides melt with happiness.
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06 July 2010 @ 12:40 am
"We're almost there. Close your eyes," Joe commanded softly as he slowed down the car's acceleration in order to glance to his side. Nick was looking at him with a dull expression that emitted skepticism, to which Joe combated with a stern gaze of his own. "Come on, Nick! Close your eyes! I'm serious. I'll tie your scarf around your head if you don't," he almost whined, because he knew Nick would give in just to silence him. There was a triumphant smirk when he saw those eyelids slide shut, and he felt able to channel his energy into getting to their destination. After hardly five more minutes worth of driving ( and a few unappreciated comments from Nick ), Joe parked his car on the side of the road and told his brother to stay still. He felt his nerves starting to build up as he got out of his end of the vehicle, then walked around the back and opened Nick's door for him, taking his hand to pull him out of the seat and into a graceful lead. "Keep them shut until I tell you it's okay to open them," he warned. For a short while, the only noise heard between them was the sound of snow crunching beneath their feet.

"Remember when we were little, Nicky? Mom used to make Kev take us to the park, and he'd always end up ditching us for his friends. I'd get stuck here playing with you. You didn't know how to have any fun!" Joe said charismatically as he squeezed Nick's hand, making sure it was known that he was only teasing. He took a moment to look at his little brother in order to confirm his eyes had still been closed, and when he saw they were, he smiled and stepped behind him. Placing both hands over Nick's eyes for further insurance, he guided him carefully across the slick ground before eventually coming to a stop.

"I'm star struck whenever I look at you, Nicholas. I always have been. You make even the simplest places brighten in your presence - you ... you light up every single room you walk into. This is how I see the world when I'm by your side," Joseph cooed, his soft honest words bursting with a tender form of confidence. He leaned into Nick's ear and told him he was allowed to look as his hands slowly fell from his face to his shoulders, where they settled comfortably in an embrace. He felt his brother's form stiffen a little before relaxing in tune with a gasp.

"Joe ..."

The park wasn't glamorous in their childhood. It was in a secluded wooded area a few blocks down from the house they lived in, and it really was nothing more than swings and a rusty old slide no one else ever really used. Joe was hopeful, but still unsure if Nick even remembered it as vividly as he did. Tonight, however, their old getaway was shimmering with dozens of little lights he had draped carefully in the surrounding trees and along the poles of the swing set earlier that day. Their radiance twinkled behind the slowly falling snow and made the ground look almost as though it was sparkling in the glow. Joe couldn't stop himself from smiling at how nice it really did look.

"Do you remember, Nicky? Whenever I look back at the past, I always think about coming here and pushing you on the swing. You really liked it. And I remember closing my eyes and feeling so great for being the cause of your laughter, since I knew I was the only one in the world who could get you to sound like that. Whenever you told me you were going high enough, I'd step back and just watch with the biggest smile on my face ... looking back on it, I realize ... that this is where I fell in love with you."

There was another silence, and Joe could feel Nick's body quivering just slightly before turning around. Within that instant, arms were wrapped around him and lips were pressed gently against his own. Joe never knew such a simple kiss could leave him so speechless, especially after all the talking he had been doing. It was as though everything Nick wanted or needed to say was expressed through that one extravagant action, and Joe was touched by his brother's ability to show off his intensity in the most creative ways. Both their faces were flushed from the cold, and with the soft lights playing tricks against Nick's skin, Joe never saw him look so stunning. He took a moment to lose himself in his beauty, and he had a humble feeling that Nick was doing the same with him. "I love you," he finally said, the cool winter air that separated them turning warm.

"I love you, too," Nick responded, his finger carefully reaching up between them in order to push Joe's fringe away from his face. Joe's gaze was flickering between Nick's eyes and lips. "Joseph ..."

"Yeah, Nicholas?"

"... Will you push me on the swing?"

Joe decided there was nothing else he would rather be doing.


I love you, Caitie.
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